Day 13 – orienting my body

Orienting my body in the way to make sense of my body in space.

gardennymph (1 of 1)-2

One of the ways I make sense of a place that confuses me is to take photos inside it, with it, and around it —making use of my body in relation to it. This is NaBolom, the grounds I walked up and down several times a day from my room into the world and back again. Talking to NK it turns out that part of his photographic practice is homologous to mine (a practice of inserting the partially-covered body in spaces I reductively considered female-centric) & then we spent hours making sense of angles, light & bodies in space until it grew too dark.

gardennymph (1 of 1)-3

A wild sheep chase.

gardennymph (1 of 1)

A tourist man moved through the garden & I followed him closely.

gardennymph (1 of 1)-8

gardennymph (1 of 1)-6gardennymph (1 of 1)-5

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